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Golfe de Saint
83820 Le Rayol-Canadel-sur-Mer

The Gulf of Saint Tropez: a remarkable region



Do you dream of a weekend away or a longer holiday in France? At the beach, maybe, or on the golf course, at a club or an outing to the Maures or Esterel Massif? Head for a region of Provence that is France’s pride and joy: the Gulf of Saint Tropez. And what about renting? Well, here is one of the most highly-regarded places to stay in the region: the Terrasses du Bailli.


Tucked away in the heart of the Gulf of Saint Tropez, the Terrasses du Bailli will treat you to a unique experience in an idyllic setting. With its sandy beaches, picture-postcard villages and unspoilt countryside, the Terrasses du Bailli holds all the promise of a revitalising weekend on the Mediterranean in a genuine oasis of peace.



A haven of peace surrounded by nature


Perched between the sea and the sky, the Terrasses du Bailli hotel is the ideal venue for an enchanting interlude. Nestled in a green oasis, this seaside hotel by the sea in the Var offers a jaw-dropping view of the Gulf of Saint Tropez. Surrounded by fragrant hills and lush gardens, the hotel invites you to get away from it all in an environment where peace and quiet reign supreme. Every room boasts refined comfort and chic decoration, creating an atmosphere that is just right for de-stressing. The hotel also offers guests an additional moment of tenderness in its spa, a world away from any stress or disturbance.


The Terrasses du Bailli hotel would not be the hotel it is without its splendid swimming pool and sun loungers. Surrounded by this oasis of peace, visitors can laze around the pool and lap up the Mediterranean sun, while the terraces boast panoramic views of the Gulf.



The Gulf of Saint Tropez: a favourite destination


The Provence region, especially the Gulf of Saint Tropez, bowls visitors over with its diversity and timeless charm. The sandy beaches stretch as far as the eye can see, and the Mediterranean is an azure blue – all in all, an ideal setting for a break at the seaside. The crystal-clear water is an inviting place for a swim, while water sports will awaken your adventurous side. The Provençal markets have kept all their natural character, and here you can discover local flavours and regional arts and crafts. Surrounded by the sea and countryside, the Gulf of Saint Tropez is blessed with a rich range of enchanting landscapes for an unforgettable holiday in France. Choose the Terrasses du Bailli, a charming hotel in the Var just a few yards from the beach, to round off this picture postcard.



Revel in a spot of relaxation on one of the many beaches in the Gulf of Saint Tropez


Enjoy a spot of relaxation on one of the many beaches in the Gulf of Saint Tropez, and soak up this seaside paradise where time seems to stand still. The vast expanses of fine sand, kissed by the azure Mediterranean, are an idyllic setting for anyone who loves lazing around. Whether you opt for the lively beaches of Pampelonne, famous for their exclusive beach clubs, or the more hidden coves tucked away along the coastline, every corner of the Gulf showcases a singular beauty. The laid-back, sunny atmosphere inspires relaxation, while the gentle sound of the waves goes hand-in-hand with the sensory journey. Whether you bask in the Mediterranean sun, take part in water sports or simply gaze at the never-ending horizon, you can be sure you’ll have moments of peace and quiet and excitement on the beaches in the Gulf of Saint Tropez. In short, this seaside experience is an absolute must when you enjoy a revitalising break in the region.



The Gulf of Saint Tropez: from village to village


Explore the enchanting villages dotted along the Gulf of Saint Tropez. From Gassin to Ramatuelle via Grimaud, Sainte Maxime, Cogolin and Croix Valmer, every village displays its own authentic character and unique history. The cobbled streets, shaded squares and colourful facades create a picture-postcard atmosphere. The lively markets are packed with local products so you can soak up the very essence of Provençal culture.



Set off for a weekend in the Gulf of Saint Tropez


In a nutshell, a weekend at the Terrasses du Bailli in the Gulf of Saint Tropez is so much more than a simple getaway… it’s an invitation to enjoy a relaxing stay in the Var. Set out to explore a region of rare beauty, where nature is in perfect harmony with the elegance of the accommodation. Every moment spent in this patch of paradise leaves a lasting memory, whether it’s lazing around the swimming pool or exploring the picture-postcard villages and enjoying the pleasures of the seaside. So, let the Gulf of Saint Tropez sweep you off your feet and treat yourself to a revitalising break in the chic setting of the Terrasses du Bailli.


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