Golfe de Saint-Tropez - 18 avenue du Capitaine Thorel, 83820, Le Rayol-Canadel-sur-Mer, France

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Golfe de Saint
83820 Le Rayol-Canadel-sur-Mer

Germany is now just 90 minutes from the Gulf of Saint-Tropez

"We are delighted to learn that people living in Germany, who currently account for 28% of our foreign clientele, will now be able to fly to the Var in under two hours! "

The soon-to-be-launched new Frankfurt line from Toulon/Hyères Airport will be run by the Condor airline, which will put on three weekly flights in 2020 to one of Europe’s largest hubs with 60 million passengers. The new link means that our ever-growing German clientele will be able to reach the Var without changing flights. Since Germany is the leading source of foreign customers in the department, the service will satisfy a very healthy tourist demand from Frankfurt.


The Terrasses du Bailli*** has been welcoming our German friends for a very long time, and this opportunity for them to arrive directly from Frankfurt to Toulon by plane is undoubtedly an additional advantage. Whether they come from Frankfurt itself or another town in Germany, we appreciate their interest in the Terrasses du Bailli, which has succeeded in integrating itself into a natural and protected environment. It is against this background that we are continuing our efforts in 2020 to always give you that little bit more.

Just 150 meters from the sea, Les Terrasses du Bailli*** offers active holidays that you can share with your family or as a couple, with its many activities, including hiking or cycling along the coastal path or – from 2020 – making the same journey on horseback from your hotel!


What’s more, the local vineyards – which are just down the road – organise rewarding visits to magnificent estates with fabulous reputations, such as Château Léoube, Valentines and Domaine de la Croix. Each of these outings means you can taste top-quality products, and the same goes for our olive production, which is considered one of the best in the world. You can find olives in the many local markets in Provence, which are always very lively and picturesque places that continue the Provencal way of life.


Whether you are from Frankfurt or elsewhere in Germany, you can leave your home with peace of mind in the morning, then take the plane from Frankfurt airport, and in the early afternoon you will be ensconced in one of the most beautiful coves in the Var! Remember to reserve our adjoining family rooms if you want to stay with your loved ones when booking on the hotel’s official website, where you will find all our special offers.

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