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Three-star hotel with a spa in the Gulf of St Tropez

Fancy a breath of fresh air? Would you like a refreshing, other-worldly vacation by the sea on the Côte d’Azur?

At les Terrasses du Bailli hotel, you can enjoy a totally-relaxing stay in a three-star hotel with a sea-view spa in the Gulf of St Tropez.

Our hotel, which is on a very human scale, is nestled between the land and sea in the heart of the small seaside resort of Rayol-Canadel-sur-Mer in the Gulf of St Tropez.

Admire the wonderful sea view from your ground-floor room every morning or from one of the upstairs rooms with terrace or balcony.

Enjoy a delicious, balanced breakfast served every morning in your room or on the restaurant terrace overlooking the heated swimming pool opposite the sea.

Relax at Carita spa on Rayol Canadel beach just 200 yards from the hotel.

Don’t delay – book the treatment or massage of your choice right now! Let yourself go and discover the 50-minute signature massage at the Carita spa: Bailli’s Mediterranean Escape – a lavender caress with aromatic sensations, like a bucolic walk in the heart of a lavender field where you can let your body go.

The team at the Carita spa also offers the Deep Tissue massage, a slow and deep massage of the muscle tissue to relieve tension and contractures by helping to eliminate toxins. The after-sun treatment offers a real moment of gentle pleasure after you’ve been out in the sun, soothing the most sensitive skin in particular.

You can also please the little ones with the 25-minute Little Dolphin children’s massage, a special massage for the back and legs using coconut oil, which is ideal for its calming and relaxing properties.

Open year-round, the three-star hotel The Terrasses du Bailli offers a cocooning stay with its Carita spa – and there’s nothing like recharging your batteries in the heart of the Gulf of St Tropez.

Take your holiday this summer by the sea and enjoy bike rides along the greenway (voie verte).

This year, the decision has already been made. We’re going to spend the summer holidays by the sea, where we’re going to enjoy some healthy sporting activity with the family by bike along the greenway!

With the weather so mild and sunny, it’s the ideal time to take in some fresh air and enjoy some beautiful walks by the sea, along the coast or by bike on the greenway. This old railway line built by the Compagnie des Chemins de Fer Sud France, used to link Toulon and St Raphaël along the coast. Its gentle bends, allied to the fact that it is flat, means it’s the ideal place for a stroll – safe and perfectly suited to families.

Leaving directly from the hotel – where you can rent bikes on site – you can discover the coast on two wheels together with the magnificent coves and beaches. It’s a great opportunity to stop for a swim…

The greenway in the Var has been developed with a particular emphasis on integrated management to showcase quality of life, heritage and – most of all – the environment.

Les Terrasses du Bailli***, facing the sea, subscribes to this approach with its eco-responsible practices. It is a genuine oasis of peace, with flora and fauna co-existing in perfect harmony. It’s a delight to stay in one of the comfortable rooms overlooking the Mediterranean and enjoy a quiet breakfast, where a laid-back attitude and a relaxed lifestyle are the order of the day.

The greenway is a practical and safe way to explore the many coastal landscapes along the Maures. If you feel the need to get together as a family and enjoy a good time in each other’s company, then the Terrasses du Bailli*** can offer you a relaxing break in a pleasant climate on the water’s edge.

A sunny destination for the Easter holidays at Les Terrasses du Bailli.

Why not spend the Easter holidays this year in the south of France?

April is synonymous with spring, warm days and sunshine. It’s ripe for family outings and exploring the Mediterranean coast. It is high time to enjoy a refreshing break in the sun for the Easter holidays, with hours of sunshine, beaches as far as the eye can see, a great many tourist attractions and a warm atmosphere. Because, before the summer season arrives, there’s no doubt it’s the ideal period to treat yourself to beautiful walks by the sea in the sun! Come and take advantage of the first hikes of the season in an ideal setting with your family.

When it comes to things to do, there’s something for all ages and all tastes.

Nature lovers will be delighted to discover that the Jardin des Méditerranées organises “Get your feet wet!” (“les pieds dans l’eau”) workshops for children during the Easter holidays: a great opportunity to explore the underwater world accompanied by their parents and a guide from Domaine du Rayol. Children can roam across the rocky coast seeking out all its inhabitants, from sea urchins to anemones.

For older children, workshops and courses are organised to raise awareness and transmit knowledge sharing in the areas of plants, gardens and biodiversity.

Les Terrasses du Baillia charming three-star hotel just a few metres from the sea, is ready to welcome you and your family, just like at home, thanks to the adjoining bedrooms which are designed to welcome your children in comfort. It’s unquestionably the best idea for enjoying a break in the sun on the Var coast for the next Easter holidays.

St Valentine’s Weekend at the Terrasses du Bailli***

Could there be a more magical setting than the Terrasses du Bailli to declare your undying love on St Valentine’s Day?

Thanks to the hotel-cum-villa’s unique architecture, the Terrasses du Bailli***is a cosy venue, which will help set the lyrical scene for a tradition that dates back to the Middle Ages. Take advantage of this amorous interlude to celebrate Valentine’s Day and enjoy all the comforts of the Terrasses du Bailli***, where almost all the rooms have sea views.

Him or her, you’re bound to lap up the winter sun on the Côte d’Azur, where the climate is mild and the colours golden, with the exceptional light coming from the Mimosa that is ever-present at this time of year. It’s also a great opportunity to enjoy a unique experience as you follow the “route du mimosa” directly from the hotel entrance, with walks through the countryside along the coastal path. And that’s not all! At sunset, if you take the handful of steps that lead down to the sea, you can pour out your feelings as you stroll on the beach for a unique and unforgettable moment at the Terrasses du Bailli***. It’s sure to be a hit on St Valentine’s Day!

The Terrasses du Bailli can share in your happiness with its outstanding Valentine’s day special offer which includes those little extras that make all the difference: a romantic welcome when you arrive, and a bottle of champagne and box of chocolates in your bedroom. Give into temptation – click on the link!

Germany is now just 90 minutes from the Gulf of Saint-Tropez thanks to direct flights between Frankfurt and Toulon.

We are delighted to learn that people living in Germany, who currently account for 28% of our foreign clientele, will now be able to fly to the Var in under two hours!

The soon-to-be-launched new Frankfurt line from Toulon/Hyères Airport will be run by the Condor airline, which will put on three weekly flights in 2020 to one of Europe’s largest hubs with 60 million passengers. The new link means that our ever-growing German clientele will be able to reach the Var without changing flights. Since Germany is the leading source of foreign customers in the department, the service will satisfy a very healthy tourist demand from Frankfurt.

The Terrasses du Bailli*** has been welcoming our German friends for a very long time, and this opportunity for them to arrive directly from Frankfurt to Toulon by plane is undoubtedly an additional advantage. Whether they come from Frankfurt itself or another town in Germany, we appreciate their interest in the Terrasses du Bailli, which has succeeded in integrating itself into a natural and protected environment. It is against this background that we are continuing our efforts in 2020 to always give you that little bit more.

Just 150 meters from the sea, Les Terrasses du Bailli*** offers active holidays that you can share with your family or as a couple, with its many activities, including hiking or cycling along the coastal path or – from 2020 – making the same journey on horseback from your hotel!

What’s more, the local vineyards – which are just down the road – organise rewarding visits to magnificent estates with fabulous reputations, such as Château Léoube, Valentines and Domaine de la Croix. Each of these outings means you can taste top-quality products, and the same goes for our olive production, which is considered one of the best in the world. You can find olives in the many local markets in Provence, which are always very lively and picturesque places that continue the Provencal way of life.

Whether you are from Frankfurt or elsewhere in Germany, you can leave your home with peace of mind in the morning, then take the plane from Frankfurt airport, and in the early afternoon you will be ensconced in one of the most beautiful coves in the Var! Remember to reserve our adjoining family rooms if you want to stay with your loved ones when booking on the hotel’s official website, where you will find all our special offers.

Spend your holidays at the Terrasses du Bailli!

The holidays will soon be here and, once again this year, we are happy to propose a stay for the year-end festivities at the Terrasses du Bailli***.

For anyone who doesn’t want to go to the mountains, there is another great solution – a lovely stay as a family or a couple on the Riviera, specifically in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. In the spirit of the holidays, the Var offers a multitude of festivities and activities not far from your hotel: Hyères, Bormes village, Cavalaire, Gassin, Saint-Tropez… It’s the perfect period to wander and discover the many villages of Provence, illuminated and decorated for the holidays. How can one resist a glass of mulled wine accompanied by gourmet delicacies at a Christmas market? And of course, there are magical parades and shows organised at the end of the year to welcome Father Christmas arriving from the sea.

Come discover the very popular Santon fairs (nativity figures), for the holidays. Young and old will discover the “Santon” craftsmen of Provence. It’s an art which has been particularly appreciated since the 19th century – a true tradition which is part of the Christmas holidays. For example, the Santon fair in la Garde Freinet.

The “Santons” or “santouns” (means “little saint” in the Provencal language) are small clay figurines, made by hand. They represent the nativity scene but also the many emblematic figures of Provence. They are very popular with children.

Children are always welcome at the Terrasses du Bailli***. Indeed, families enjoy their independence with communicating rooms while providing “serenity” to parents. In addition, for the holidays, the Terrasses du Bailli*** have prepared a festive offer for you including a gourmet tray with champagne to be enjoyed in your room or comfortably installed in the sitting room of the hotel.

The “Grande Braderie” Street Market in Saint-Tropez is fast approaching!

Saint-Tropez is buzzing… the not-to-be-missed event, which marks the end of the summer season for stores in Saint-Tropez, is almost here.


Every year, for four crazy days over the last weekend of October, The “grande braderie” street market in Saint-Tropez attracts tens of thousands of visitors looking for a good deal.

Crowds coming from the world over rush to find the rare gem, get great deals, but also and especially to immerse themselves in the Saint-Tropez ambiance.

During these few days, it’s a true effervescence of clients who get a taste of the delight of shopping in Saint-Tropez, making purchases and finding the very best deal at the best price.

The name of the game at The “Grande Braderie” Street Market in Saint-Tropez: first come, first served!

Reserve your room at the hotel les Terrasses du Bailli*** in order to totally enjoy this 4-day shopping marathon from Friday 25 to Monday 28 October.

Located only 30 minutes from Saint-Tropez, just next to the famous Mediterranean Gardens, the Terrasses du Bailli*** welcomes you in the heart of one of the best protected coves in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez.

Equipped with a heated outdoor swimming pool (through 3 November), you will be able to relax after your fun days of shopping. Book your room with a terrace or a balcony with a wiew on the sea something to help you relax after a busy day.

The streets of the city become an open-air department store: stalls and hanging rails filled with low-priced items. The shops organise their final mark-down at the end of the season.

So come at the end of October for The “Grande Braderie” Street Market in Saint-Tropez to get great deals!

Stay at the Terrasses du Bailli*** and explore the Golden Islands!

The Golden Islands… You see them every day, as you look towards the sea from the Terrasses du Bailli***.

Closest, there is Levant Island, cradle of nudists, with its village, Héliopolis, a tribute to the sun. Next, you can see Port-Cros Island, preserved and wild, home to one of the first national parks in France in the heart of a setting of exceptional quality. Finally, admire Porquerolles Island, with its beaches, its paths and unique trekking routes surrounded by nature.

Know that the Golden Islands await you! If you are tired of just looking at them from your room every day, why don’t you go visit them? How? By taking one of the Vedettes des Îles d’Or, These boats will take you to the islands from La Croix-Valmer, Cavalaire, Le Lavandou or Hyères.

A visit to the Golden Islands, is taking advantage of everything that nature has to offer, but it’s also the discovery, for one day, of a calm oasis away from everything, surrounded by those that we love. Sometimes, it’s also nice to contemplate, alone, the immensity of the Mediterranean Sea.

Don’t wait any longer! End your holidays at the Terrasses du Bailli*** and enjoy a memorable finale to your summer while taking advantage of the beauty of the Golden Islands. Reserve directly on our website, and get the best available rate for your stay.

Discover the craft markets during your stay at the Terrasses du Bailli***!

It’s the holidays, it’s hot and sunny, you are with your family at the Terrasses du Bailli*** and to top it all, you are staying in an area that is abundant with resources, both natural and cultural.

It’s the perfect opportunity to stroll around the numerous craft markets in our Var region, and more locally, our very sunny Gulf of Saint-Tropez …

Grimaud, La Croix-Valmer, Cavalaire… Not far from the Domaine du Bailli, local artisans can be found both during the day and in the evenings: regional products, sculptures, paintings, jewellery, clothing, all of these quality products are to be found in our craft markets to promise you some wonderful memories, whether gustatory, visual or even olfactory! Who wouldn’t appreciate the exquisite flavour of the olives or dried tomatoes that will tempt you throughout your walk around the La Croix Valmer Market? Who wouldn’t enjoy the delicate fragrance of the authentic Grasse perfumes or the gentle soaps of Marseille?

You will have understood that our region is full of the sensations that take us back to our childhood memories or help us discover unexpected pleasures. They are to be found in the midst of each one of the authentic villages of the Gulf and merit an exploration!

Take advantage of a stay at the Terrasses du Bailli*** to enjoy the products of our region and discover the beauty of Var heritage through the Gulf of Saint-Tropez craft markets! Hesitate no further and book directly via our website in order to take advantage of the best rates.

Your summer holiday at the Terrasses du Bailli***

It’s almost time for a summer holiday! It’s the final stretch before rest and relaxation, breakfast with a view of the Mediterranean Sea, and afternoons filled with sports or peace and quiet.

Whether you are dreaming about relaxing quietly or sports activities to get rejuvenated, the Terrasses du Bailli*** Hotel welcomes you throughout the summer and proposes numerous activities for the entire family to make your summer holiday a success.

Summer festivities at Bormes-Les-Mimosas are happening! The town, which is located only 17 kilometres from the Domaine du Bailli, offers many possibilities to enjoy, share and discover cultural events during all of the summer holiday season. On the programme: free concerts, evening markets, and even a magic show! Something to liven up your summer holiday, whether you come with family, friends or as a couple, there’s something for everyone!

Find the programme of the festivities and plan your stay for the summer holiday at the Terrasses du Bailli!

Are you going to spend your summer holiday as a family? The Terrasses du Bailli*** Hotel has planned everything! Enjoy one of our family rooms for a comfortable and relaxing stay for the entire family! Reserve directly on our official website and get the best rates for your summer holidays. You can also find more info on the festivities on the official website of Bormes-Les-Mimosas !